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Made for freedom lovers

We believe in respect for the natural order of life, individual freedom, private property and always exquisite beer. We spread our ideas through high-quality beer culture. Craft Brewery

We brew Quality Beer and our muse is Freedom

Our history is inspired by the precursors of libertarianism and is born from the desire to bring their ideas through the good taste of beer, that is why we seek that our malts and hops are like freedom, with a perfect balance.

Quality Beer
Ideas of Freedom

We integrate the beer culture in favor of spreading the ideas of freedom.



The idea

One summer afternoon in 2019, walking through the streets of my city, I stopped at a bar when I saw a communist beer; I asked myself: if they have beer, why don't the Libertarians?


The project

In 2020 the states decreed the confinement, with this I dedicate time to start developing the "Libertarian Beer Company" project.


Project development

At this point we dedicated ourselves to the formulation of the flavors that our beers would carry and the model of the Libertarian Beer Pub place.


The beggining

With 4 different styles of beers: Dorada, red, brown and black; we have started the development of our LIBERTARIAN PROJECT and the implementation of the production plant.

There are many reasons to choose our beers

We are flavor and a lifestyle

We are the brewery that seeks to spread the ideas of freedom

Selected Malts

Base and specialty malts imported from Germany and Canada.

Exclusive Recipes

Recipes created especially for our brand by BJCP certified brewmasters

Quality Hops

Our hops used are of the highest quality, we ensure their supply by controlling the supply chain.

Best ingredients

All the ingredients we use are always under the supervision of strict systems to comply with regulations and quality standards.


With our exclusive rewards we want you to get to know us and participate in our project the best way possible.

Best Craft Beer

We are the brewery that spreads the ideas of freedom.

Virtual Pub

¡Order Your Favorite Beer!

We send the Libertarian Beer that you most want to the door of your house, enjoy its exquisite flavor while you share a valuable moment with friends.

American Red

You will not only distinguish this delicious beer for its beautiful coppery color but also for its caramel notes and the characteristic flavor of the roasted malt grain.

American Blonde

Our American Blonde with its characteristic white foam and golden color is a simple, delicate and smooth beer that, due to its fruity tones, is perfect for refreshing your afternoons and accompanying almost any meal.

Coffee Porter

In addition to choosing the best hops and malts, we choose our collaborators very well. For this beer we have the select beans of Café Libre, a delicious selected  coffee from Colombia. Our Coffee Porter aged in freshly roasted and ground coffee enhances the flavors of the chocolate and roasted malt.

Libertarian friends

"I am a lover of craft beer and without a doubt I dare to say that Libertarian Beer's IMPERIAL STOUT is the best black beer I have ever had"

Santiago Dussan
    Santiago Dussan

    Doctor of Laws from Bucerius Law School (Hamburg)

    "For a black beer lover, Libertarian Beer's Imperial Stout is a unique experience, it has an intense aroma, a light texture and a very special flavor, perfect for a good dinner or to spend a good time with friends. "

    Pedro Rivera
      Pedro Rivera

      Software developer

      "I'm not much of a beer person but I loved the Blonde, it has a unique and exquisite flavor"

      Santiago Arango
        Santiago Arango

        Lawyer. Mises University

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