About Us

About Libertarian Beer

We are the people's brewery that defends freedom

It seems that it is difficult to find places where freedom is present, that places full of political correctness abound and where even saying something as obvious as that taxes are theft is somewhat controversial. We are Libertarian Beer Company, created so that these ideas of freedom are spread while sharing a delicious beer. No drama, lots of character.

Our Vision

Become a beer brand recognized worldwide for its unique, delicious flavors and for spreading the libertarian philosophy.

Our Mission

Offer high quality beers and support the growth of the libertarian community.

Our Team

Meet Libertarian Beer Team

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Andres Rodriguez


Andres Rodriguez

Andrés Rodríguez

Libertarian Entrepreneur, co-founder of the Libertarian Academy and committee member of the Libertarian Movement of Colombia




Beerly LBC

Libertarian Entrepreneur.

Student Austrian School of Economics.


Lover of freedom and craft beer.